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Electric folding bike Rocket

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Electric folding bike Rocket




Motor:  250W x 36V Intelligent Brushless Rear Hub

            Power Rating: 250 Watts

            Max Power: 612 Watts

Controller:  36V / 17A Brushless - 1:1 PAS (Pedal Assistance System)

LED Display: Battery level // 3 levels of assistance // turn on/off lights and electrical system.

Digital Display: 5 levels of assistance, all led display features plus km counter and speed limiter.

Battery:  Samsung Li-Ion- 36V x 10.4Ah

Charger:  Smart 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 2.0A

Charging time:  4.5 - 5.5 Hours



Max Speed:  28 km/h

Range: 45-70km

Max Load:  125kg



Frame:  6061 aluminium

Front suspension: Zoom

Rear shock: Zoom

Handlebar:  - Aluminium adjustable from -10º a 40º

Rims:  Magnesium

Wheels: Kenda 20 x 2.125 inches

Spokes:  Solid Magnesium

Chain:  KMC

Gear system:  Shimano ACERA 8 Speed

Brakes:   Front and Rear SHIMANO M375 Discs

Lights:    Front/Rear controlled on display

Mudguards on both wheels

Brown Leather Cruiser Saddle

Brown leather grips



5 years on the frame.

2 years on the mechanical parts.

2 years on the electrical system.



   Length: 160cm

   Handlebar Width: 60.5cm

   Basket Height: 58.5cm

   Min Handlebar Height 102cm

   Max Handlebar Height 112cm

   Min Saddle Height: 81cm

   Max Saddle Height: 103cm

   Bike Weight: 18kg

   Battery Weight: 2.3kg

   Total Weight: 20.3kg

   Wheel Size: 20"



   Height: 65cm

   Width: 48cm

   Length: 82cm



The Rocket is a compact folding electric bicycle and comes with loads of features and accessories. Equipped with a pedal assistance sensor and the option of a throttle, the Samsung li-ion 36v x 10.4Ah battery is concealed in the frame where it is protected from the weather and sticky fingered people. It can be easily removed for charging or storage or charged directly inside the frame. 

 This is one of the few folding electric bicycles that you will find that has full suspension. On 20 inch wheels this is extremely welcome. Thick 2.125 inch tyres help to absorb any bumps on the road. The sturdy, solid, bladed spokes provide style, aerodynamics, solidity and reduce the maintenance required by spokes on conventional bicycles. They also make for great, smooth riding in combination with the spring reinforced saddle and the front and rear suspension which makes using the Rocket for our daily trips an absolute dream.

The 36v x 250w 8FUN motor mounted on the rear magnesium hub provides the Rocket with jet-like speeds of up to 28km/h. The light weight and small wheels give an amazing feeling of acceleration. 

The Sanyo battery, which uses li-ion cells, offers 36 volts of power and 10.4 Amps of capacity. That is quite a lot for such a light folding bike. It grants a range of 45km on the highest level of assistance and 65km on the lowest level.

The electrical system is connected to the brake leavers so that the motor cuts off immediately when the brakes are applied, no matter how lightly. Sensors are installed as a safety measure to stop the folding Rocket as quickly as possible. SHIMANO M375 disc brakes add power to the braking so we can brake surely and decisively.

 The Rocket is made tough by its light frame made from 6061 aluminium, Promax handlebar, Zoom front and rear suspension, Shimano Acera 8 gear system, KMC chain, SHIMANO disc brakes, LED lights and many other parts. The total weight is 20.4kg, including the electrical system and it can bear loads of up to 125kg. 

The LED display shows us the battery level and we can choose from the four different levels of pedal assistance: off, up to 8km/h, up to 16km/h, and up to 28km/h. We can also use the LED display to turn on and off the LED lights. Also available with a digital display.

The Rocket is undoubtedly a light and highly manoeuvrable electric folding bicycle. The folding electric Rocket easily folds down as a result of its innovative locking system which means it will never unlock while the security lock is in place. When it’s open we can see the ultralight battery perfectly securely housed in the frame. The Rocket is perfect for storing in the car or campervan or when we’re doing other activities and we’re short on space. For ease of transport, the rocket features a handle on the bottom of the frame. When folded it is easily accessible to make carrying the bike much easier. As the wheels stay in place, we can use the handle to move the bike.

The front and rear mudguards will keep you clean and dry and will protect the front LED lights from dirt and mud.

 The new Rocket model follows in the tracks of other models from Bikelec such as the folding stepthrough frame Pocket with 20 inch wheels and the folding Cuore with 26 inch wheels, and boasts a powerful and quick 8FUN 36 Volt x 250 Watt motor, which makes accelerating and climbing hills fun and easy. When the motor kicks in, you can feel the benefits of an extra pair of legs which will do all the work for us or share the load depending on the assistance level we select. The 50km range grants us endless possibilities that we would never have even thought possible

There are a number of reasons why the folding electric Rocket is the model of choice for caravanners. Full suspension, ideal for the countryside and rough terrain, the battery concealed in the frame, which gives us more freedom on where we can leave the bike and take it, and, above all, the magnesium rims with the powerful, discreetly mounted, 8fun rear hub motor. As the spokes are not steel, the weight is greatly reduced and the bike rides much more smoothly, making every pedal stroke count. The greatest benefit is that they are impervious to impact damage and do not bend out of shape when we fold and unfold the bike.



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