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Electric Cross Country Trekking Bicycle



The 26” wheel Cross Country model is essentially a high-performance city trekking bike at a very interesting price point.

      One of the most important aspects of this model, and the Roadrunner model which features the same frame geometry, is the easily accessible and removable SAMSUNG battery concealed in the frame (see video), with capacity of 36v x 11Ah and enough storage for up to 21 Amps.     

     It comes with a five year warranty on the frame, two years on the parts, and two years on the electrical system.

  The Cross Country is one the most multi-purpose models. It can be used for city riding as well as on countryside roads and tracks. Since it was brought out in 2007, its parts, especially the electrical system, have been thoroughly tested by its users.

 Having a full range of spare parts means no lengthy waiting times which, in turn, leads to customer satisfaction. When you buy an electric bike, spare parts, servicing, and small maintenance work, such as checking spoke tension or adjusting the brake levers after a certain time or distance, will inevitably be needed at some point to ensure the parts most susceptible to wear are kept in good working order.

     Height and rebound adjustable Suntour suspension provides smooth riding. Long travel suspension is combined with all surface, wide profile KENDA tyres, to offer a fully hybrid bike that won’t let us down on any surface.

     All this makes the Cross Country comfortable and sturdy. It also offers high power from its brushless 36v x 250w bafang motor (8FUN). Climbing the steepest slopes will be just as easy as going downhill. You can choose the 500w, or 250w and 1000w mid-drive motors.

     The ingenious, easy access housing of the battery, mounted mid-frame in the down tube, hides the battery from prying eyes. Theft protection is also ensured with the lock system. The mid mounting balances weight and the distribution of force. The stylish, discreet design means nobody will even know it’s an electric bike or that you have an expensive battery concealed within. The perfectly balanced battery concealed in the frame offers firm guarantees and is used by many manufactures on their lines. The removable battery allows you to charge the battery separately or double your range with a second battery.

    The 6061 aluminium frame stands out alongside the matching protective casing and rims. It really does look strong and powerful, set on 19mm double-walled aluminium wheels with copper reinforced heads. It hugs the road on Kenda Hybrid 26” x 2.125” tyres.

   The powerful motor and SHIMANO Acera 8 speed system are mounted on the back wheel. Shimano M375 disc brakes with high-quality 160mm discs withstand tough braking.

  As in the other models, it includes handlebar controls which allow the rider to control the pedal assistance levels: off, up to 8km/h, up to 18km/h and the top speed of 28km/h. The GPS, battery level, and LED light controls can also be found on the controls. A 5 speed digital display is also available.

  All models come equipped with a PAS sensor so that you don’t need to worry about the motor. Simply select the level of assistance you want and the cadence determines the level and type of power provided. The PAS measures cadence and sets motor output for the same level.

 Height and rebound adjustable front fork used on the top mountain bikes from the main manufacturers, hybrid all terrain tyres, powerful 8FUN motor, Samsung cell battery concealed and protected in the frame, strong frame, and designer mudguards make this a high-end bike for the price of a conventional bike. Our clients are delighted with the reliability and results they get from this true flying machine.


CrossCountry Video:




            8FUN 36v x 250W Power Rating - 612 Watts Max Power - 45 Newton Metres -  Brushless Rear Hub

            8FUN 36v x 500W Power Rating - 792 Watts Max Power - 80 Newton Metres - Brushless Rear Hub

            8FUN 36V x 250W Power Rating - 612 Watts Max Power - 80 Newton Metres - Mid-drive motor

            8FUN 36V x 500W Power Rating - 800 Watts Max Power -100 Newton Metres - Mid-drive motor            

            8FUN 48V x 750W Power Rating - 1200 Watts Max Power -160 Newton Metres - Mid-drive motor

            8FUN 48V x 1000W Power Rating - 1500 Watts Max Power -160 Newton Metres - Mid-drive motor

Controller:  36V x 17A (250w)  / 36v x 22A (500w) / 48 x 25A (750W) / 48v x 30A (1000w)   - PAS 1:1 (Sistema de Asistencia de Pedalada) / 36v x 22A para el modelo 500w

Display:  LED (3 speeds, switch on and off the electrical system, battery status indicator, turn on and off the lights)

             Digital (LCD screen, 5 speeds, features including km counter, road legal throttle for speeds up to 6km/h, turn on and off the lights, limit max speed and more)

Battery:  Samsung Li-ion - 36V x 11Ah

Charger:  Smart 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 2A

Charging time:  4 - 5 Hours



Max Speed:  28 km/h

Range: 50-70km

Max Load: 125kg



Frame:  6061 aluminium

Handlebar:  Aluminium Zoom adjustable from -10º a 40º

Suspension: Front - SunTour / Rear - N/A

Rims: Aluminium double-walled 19 mm

Wheels: Kenda 26" x 2.125" 

Spokes:  Steel/Carbon with Copper reinforced heads

Chain:  Reinforced KMC

Gear system:  Shimano Acera 8 Speed

Brakes:   Front/Rear - Shimano M375 Disc brakes

Lights:    Front/Rear controlled on display



5 years on the frame.

2 years on the mechanical parts.

2 years on the electrical system.



   Length: 177cm

   Handlebar Width: 63cm

   Handlebar Height: 103cm

   Bike Weight: 20.52kg

   Battery Weight: 2.98kg

   Total Weight: 23.5kg


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