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The Cuore is an electric city bike offering a wide range of features at a very reasonable price. You can go wherever you want in a comfortable upright position on its large, comfortable spring saddle, you’ll find everything at the perfect height for you with the adjustable handlebar, front suspension, and the widest possible, low pressure, Kenda hybrid tyres to handle all bumps on the road and offer comfortable and enjoyable riding.

The frame is made from 6061 aluminium (5 year warranty) and features a smart and sophisticated folding system, which is great for storing in small places or for taking the bike anywhere we want to go. One of the Cuore’s biggest benefits, beyond being folding, is that it features a stepthrough frame and 26 inch wheels, unlike conventional models which have 20 inch wheels. This makes it unique amongst the current folding models on the market today. 

  The central computer allows us to both turn on and off the front and rear LED lights and control the three levels of assistance from the rear hub 36v x 250w motor (on/off - 8km/h - 18km/h - 28km/h). The LED display model offers 3 levels of assistance whilst the smart digital display offers 5. A high power motor that helps us to easily climb the steepest hills. If you think that isn’t enough then you can customise the Cuore with a 500w motor that can reach a top speed of 42km/h, depending on the battery you choose. The motor is mounted on the rear wheel and is firmly held in place by steel spokes with copper reinforced heads. 

Pedal assistance allows our pedalling to work with the motor, which significantly improves power on climbs and range. We can also add a grip throttle to help with difficult standing starts, such as when we’re first at the lights and can feel the cars breathing down our neck. Pedal assistance requires half a stroke for the PAS sensor placed on the bottom bracket to notify the motor that you’re setting off. This may take vital seconds, but if you have a throttle you can go from a standing start to top speed very quickly before going back to pedal assistance.

The bike’s battery is placed mid-frame close to the ground so as to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible, which is ideal for handling and manoeuvrability. This helps us to move through traffic and take on difficult terrain or conditions. In other electric bikes, the large battery pack is mounted on the rear basket, which makes it a dead weight that raises the centre of gravity and makes the bike feel less stable.

  The Cuore’s battery is a SAMSUNG li-ion which keeps the total weight down to just 22kg, including the 3.6kg weight of the battery. It is enclosed in an aluminium case and protected by the bike frame on all sides. The key has three functions; on, off, and in the third you can lock the battery and remove the key so that it cannot be taken without your consent.

  The battery is removable, but can be charged on the bike if you prefer. The full package offers 36v of power and 11a capacity, which means a range of up to 70 kilometres on the lowest level of assistance and 45-50km on the highest (in assisted pedalling, if we only use the throttle without pedalling the range is greatly reduced).

  The eye-catching design and attention to detail make this a unique bike. Matching designer mudguards keep you dry in all conditions.

  The rear basket allows us to carry our shopping or whatever else we need with us. It also works well with saddlebags.

 The chainstay protector is wonderful and certainly makes an impression. No matter what you are wearing, you will always look your best when you get there.

 The bike is finished off with an advanced Shimano ACERA 8 speed gear system and Shimano M375 disc brakes with 160mm discs. The rear derailleur is very well protected from damage.

Video Cuore Electric City Bike


Electrical System:


           8FUN 36v x 250W Power Rating - 612 Watts Max Power - Intelligent Brushless Rear Hub

            8FUN 36v x 500W Power Rating - 800 Watts Max Power

Controller: 36V x 17A (250w) / 36v x 22A (500w) - 1:1 PAS (Pedal Assist System)

Display:  Led or digital

Battery:  Samsung Li-ion - 36V x 11Ah 

Charger:  Smart 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 2A

Charging time:  4.5 - 5.5 Hours

Motor cutoff on both brake levers



Max Speed:  25 km/h

Range: 50-70km

Max Load:  125kg



Frame:  Folding 6061 aluminium

Handlebar:  Aluminium Zoom adjustable from -10º a 40º

Suspension: Front - ZOOM / Rear - N/A

Rims: Aluminium double-walled 19 mm

Wheels: Kenda 26 x 2.125

Spokes:  Steel/Carbon with Copper reinforced heads

Chain:  Reinforced KMC

Gear system:  SHIMANO Acera 8 Speed

Brakes:   Front - Shimano M375 Disc brakes

Brakes:   Rear - Shimano M375 Disc brakes

Lights: Front - LED controlled on display

Saddle: BLK spring reinforced

Seatstay: Promax suspension



5 years on the frame.

2 years on the mechanical parts.

2 years on the electrical system.



   Length: 185cm

   Handlebar Width: 64cm

   Min Handlebar Height: 96cm

   Max Handlebar Height 124cm

   Min Saddle Height: 83cm

   Min Saddle Height with seatstay suspension: 88cm

   Bike Weight: 18.4kg

   Battery Weight: 3.6kg

   Total Weight: 22kg


Cuore Folded Measurements:

  Height:  105 - 117cm (depending on the height selected for the handlebar)

  Width:   64cm (handlebar) 45cm (pedals)

  Length: 97cm


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