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Majestic description 

The latest incarnation of bicycles designed for the city comes with a powerful 250 Watt brushless 8fun motor, which is also available in a 500 Watt version. This bicycle is surprisingly quick and agile, as well as silent and smooth. This bike is more responsive than it looks. It rides stably, with no shaking or rattling. The bike is solid and sturdy and even though it weighs just 22kgs, including the battery (2.47kg), it is perfect for speedy city cycling.


This model offers surprising versatility. It can be used for everyday city cycling. A considerable number of cyclists use it for countryside rides or getting to work. The swan neck, stepthrough frame is very satisfying and makes it really easy to mount. This bike can be used with all clothing. The frame design and the chainstay protector will stop our trousers getting caught in the chain. Likewise, the designer mudguards, made from light aluminium, are as big as possible to protect us from the spray we kick up as we fly through the city. The basket will lighten the load on our back by letting the Majestic do all the heavy lifting.


Clearly, the purpose of the frame is to make it easy for the user to mount the bike, but its main role is to provide the bike with overall stability. Made from 6061 aluminium with special care given to preserving its geometry in the positioning of the removable battery under the saddle. The geometry of the open frame offers the same specifications as the hybrid roadrunner bike, the cuore folding city bike, with 26 inch wheels, and the 20 inch wheeled folding pocket.  

Gear system

The Majestic uses a Shimano Acera 8 speed gear system, with the shifters on the handlebar. This is one of the most used systems in cycling. You almost won’t notice the gears changing because this system can take anything.


The bike features Shimano M375 disc brakes. The power of electric bikes has made us view old truths differently. City bikes normally use brake shoes, which were enough to stop and control city models. The power offered by electric motors means it is essential to have good disc brakes, with cutoff sensors on the brake leavers, to be able to ride electric bikes safely.

Electrical System

Powered by an 8FUN 36v x 250w motor, which is the most powerful motor available, you really can feel the power it provides. Rear wheel mounting gives us the feeling of a well-balanced bicycle. This motor has been proven to be reliable, quiet, powerful, light, and durable. Brushless motors only sold by industry experts. It is relatively small for the power it delivers. Also available in 500w.

The Samsung li-ion 36v x 11Ah battery is enough for 50-70km of cycling. You can expand its capacity to 15Ah, 17Ah, 19Ah, 20Ah, and even 24Ah for the most demanding cyclists, which can give a range of more than 150km.The batteries are composed of high-quality Samsung 18650 cells. 

Suspension fork

Another improvement in the design for models which don’t need suspension but do make use of it so as to make things more comfortable for the rider. Suntour, a market-leading brand, provides us with the confidence to enjoy taking on the roughest terrain.

Adjustable handlebar

Height and angle adjustable so we can find our ideal riding position. Adjusted using an Allen key.

Comfort first

The Majestic model features a comfortable, upright riding position with its spring cruiser saddle and ergonomic handlebar, which allows our arms to rest comfortably on the ends and makes riding easier, as do other models such as the full suspension rocket, fat-wheeled Fatty, and all the classic cruiser models.


Designed to make it as easy as possible for us, we can switch the motor on and off, select any of the three assistance levels, and turn the LED lights on and off on the control display. 

Level 1 is sheer acceleration. Most users choose this simple option for a boost when they engage the motor or, in other words, let the motor do all the work up to 10km/h when the motor cuts off.

Level 2 keeps up the pace, the motor does the work for us up to 18km/h.

Level 3 is unlimited speed. No matter the road you’re racing along, the motor will keep going until you reach 25km/h. When the GPS registers that you’re going at a speed of roughly 27km/h the motor cuts off leaving it up to you to use your pedalling power to keep going faster or let the motor keep you cruising along.

The 5 speed digital display is another option if we choose a more powerful motor and want to stay within the law. In addition to controlling the electrical system, having 5 speeds and functionalities such as limiting the speed, it includes all the features of a kilometre counter to provide us with detailed route information.

Integrated Lights

The LED light is attached to the bike and is controlled from the display. If you add a rear basket, the rear light is also connected to the display so you can control both lights at the same time.


Electrical System:

Motor:  8FUN 36v x 250W Power Rating - 612 Watts Max Power - Intelligent Brushless Rear Hub

             8FUN 36v x 500W Power Rating - 800 Watts Max Power - 

Controller: 36V x 17A (250w)  / 36v x 22A (500w) - 1:1 PAS (Pedal Assist System) 

Display:  3 speed LED or 5 speed smart digital

Battery:  Samsung Li-Ion - 36V x 11Ah

Charger:  Smart 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 2A

Charging time:  4.5 - 5.5 Hours



Max Speed:  25 km/h

Range: 50-70km

Max Load:  125kg



Frame:  6061 aluminium

Handlebar:  Aluminium Zoom adjustable from -10º a 40º

Suspension: Front - ZOOM / Rear - N/A

Rims: Aluminium double-walled 19 mm

Wheels: Kenda 26 x 1.95 

Spokes:  Steel/Carbon with Copper reinforced heads

Chain:  Reinforced KMC

Gear System:  Shimano Acera 8 Speed

Brakes:   Shimano M375

Lights:    Front -LED controlled on display



   Length: 185cm

   Handlebar Width: 64cm

   Min Handlebar Height: 96cm

   Max Handlebar Height 124cm

   Min Saddle Height: 83cm

   Max Saddle Height: 102cm

   Bike Weight: 18.4kg

   Battery Weight: 3.6kg

   Total Weight: 22kg




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