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Electric Road Fat Bike 


Motor:  8FUN 36v x 250W Power Rating - 612 Watts Max Power - 45 Newton Metres - Intelligent Brushless Rear Hub

             8FUN 36v x 500W Power Rating - 800 Watts Max Power - 80 Newton Metres - Intelligent Brushless Rear Hub

Controller: 36V x 17A (250w)  / 36v x 22A (500w) - PAS (Pedal Assist System)

Display: LED (3 speeds, switch on and off the electrical system, battery status indicator, turn on and off the lights)

             Digital (LCD screen, 5 speeds, features including km counter, road legal throttle for speeds up to 6km/h, turn on and off the lights, limit max speed and more)

Battery: Li-ion - 36V x 11.2Ah SAMSUNG

Charger: Smart 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 2A

Charging time: 4.5 – 5.5 Hours



Max Speed: 28 km/h / 42 km/h

Range: 45-60km (250w) / 35-45km (500w)

Max Load: 125kg



Frame: 6061 aluminium

Handlebar: Aluminium ZOOM adjustable from -10º a 40º

Power: ZOOM height adjustable

Rims: Aluminium double-walled 80mm

Wheels: KENDA 26 x 4.0

Spokes: Steel/Carbon with Copper reinforced heads

Chain: Reinforced KMC

Brakes: Front/Rear - Shimano M375 Disc brakes

Discs: Front 180mm - Rear 160mm

Gear system: SHIMANO Acera 8 Speed

Lights: F/R - high power LED

Saddle: Spring reinforced saddle.

Mudguards: Front and rear metal

Suspension: Promax seatpost suspension



5 years on the frame.

2 years on the mechanical parts.

2 years on the electrical system. 


Road Fat Description

Although fat tyres may look intimidating, the RodArs 24 inch Road Fat designed by Bikelec is a fun bike which can easily take on all climbs and drops. The stepthrough frame, which comes with a 5 year warranty, and the more than 10cm contact patch provided by the tyres offer comfort and stability when riding. The happy look given by the subtle and smart colour combination, which will turn heads as you go past, is complemented by the excellent features for daily city riding. Likewise, the shopping experience is a whole lot of fun with so many customisation options to choose from. In this section you can also find information on other fat bikes from RodArs which use exclusive suspension for their wheels, such as the Spirit and the Fatall, both with 26 inch wheels.

The electrical assistance system is managed by a PAS (Pedal Assistance System) controller. A rear hub 8FUN 250w power rated motor provides 45 Newton metres of toque to take us to speeds of up to 28km/h. It also has an on-board computer with a 3 speed LED display that offers features such as switching on and off the electrical system, battery level indicator, and option to connect the lights. A digital display with a fuller range of features is also available. It is supplied by a Samsung 11.2 Amp battery, which is perfectly integrated and protected in the down tube and offers a range of 50 to 65 kilometres. You almost can’t even notice it’s there. The Road Fat will be back at full power after 4.5 - 5.5 hours of charging thanks to the smart charger that comes with it.

If you’re planning on travelling long distances quickly but don’t want to be soaked in sweat when you get to your destination, there are two motor options from the same firm that offer greater power that can take us up to speeds of 42km/h: another rear hub motor with a 500w power rating and 80 Newton meters of torque, and a 1000w and 160 Newton metre mid-drive motor, which will turn our Road Fat into a real speed demon. If range is the most important aspect for you, you can choose from batteries with capacity from 11 to 24 Amps, depending on the motor you select, whilst those looking to travel on more difficult terrain requiring more assistance options can select the 5 speed display. If we want laid-back pedalling whilst the bike moves us along at top speed, then we can order a grip throttle to be added. All electrical systems come with a 2 year warranty.

The height adjustable handlebar and power of the motor provide the rider with a comfortable upright riding position. The Promax seatpost suspension also adds riding comfort while the thick tyres make light work of cracks and cobbled streets. City road safety is rounded off by the powerful front and rear LED lights and the metal mudguards on both wheels. If we need to carry our belongings with us when cycling, Bikelec offers two basket options. A rear basket attached to the seatpost which can carry loads of up to 10kg and a second basket, also mounted on the seatpost, which can carry up to 25kg and includes a light that can be controlled from the display.

To help with climbs and controlling speed in the constantly changing city traffic conditions, the Road Fat rider has the 8 speeds offered by the Shimano Acera system. Using these allows the rider to keep to their normal cadence by always being in the right gear.

The Road includes Shimano M375 brakes with 180 and 160mm discs on the front and rear wheels respectively. However, if you customise the bike into a speed demon, or if you’d simply prefer greater sensitivity and progressive braking, then you can add Shimano hydraulic brakes.



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