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Savage Electric full suspension Mountain Bike 

Electrical System: 

Motor:  8FUN 36v x 250W Power Rating - 612 Watts Max Power - 45 Newton Metres - Intelligent Brushless Rear Hub

            8FUN 36v x 500W Power Rating - 800 Watts Max Power - 80 Newton Metres - Intelligent Brushless Rear Hub

            8FUN 48V x 250W Power Rating - 612 Watts Max Power - 80 Newton Metres - Mid-drive motor

            8FUN 48V x 500W Power Rating - 800 Watts Max Power -100 Newton Metres - Mid-drive motor            

            8FUN 48V x 750W Power Rating - 1200 Watts Max Power -160 Newton Metres - Mid-drive motor

            8FUN 48V x 1000W Power Rating - 1500 Watts Max Power -160 Newton Metres - Mid-drive motor


Controller: 36V x 17A (250w)  / 36v x 22A (500w) / 48 x 25A (750W) / 48v x 30A (1000w) - PAS (Pedal Assist System)

Display: LED (3 speeds, switch on and off the electrical system, battery status indicator, turn on and off the lights)

             Digital (LCD screen, 5 speeds, features including km counter, road legal throttle for speeds up to 6km/h, turn on and off the lights, limit max speed and more)

Battery:  Li-ion - 36V x 11.2Ah SAMSUNG Cells

Charger:  Smart 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 2.0A

Charging time:  4.5 - 5.5 Hours



Max Speed:  25 km/h (250w) / 40km/h (500w)

Range: 50-70km (250w) / 40-50km (500w) (hub motor, mid-drive motor 25% more from cadence sensor)

Max Load:  125kg



Frame:  Hydroformed 6061 aluminium

Handlebar:  ZOOM -

Power: Aluminium adjustable from -10º a 40º

Front suspension: Suntour XCM 120mm with lockout function

Rear Shock: K-Speed

Rims: Aluminium double-walled 19 mm

Wheels: KENDA 27,5" x 2,1"

Spokes:  Steel/Carbon with Copper reinforced heads

Chain: Reinforced KMC

Gear system: Shimano ALIVIO 24 Speed

Brakes: Front/Rear - SHIMANO M-375 Disc Brakes

Lights: Front/Rear- LED SPANNIGA controlled on display

Saddle: Padded gel



5 years on the frame.

2 years on the mechanical parts.

2 years on the electrical system.


Savage mtb Description

The Savage is a RodArs electric mountain bike with 26” diameter wheels and full suspension. It is highly versatile and was designed to meet a wide range of interests. Starting with a 24 speed base design, built around a strong and sporty hydroformed 6061 aluminium frame, and finished with a height-adjustable from -10 to 40 degrees Truvativ handlebar and Suntour XCM front lockout suspension fork with 120mm of travel. Bikelec gives you the option of customising aspects such as the location and power of the motor, battery capacity, type of suspension, on-board computer features, brake system, and more.

The electric Savage’s electrical system, on all variations, is activated by a PAS sensor (Pedal Assistance System) with varying features depending on the chosen motor. The base model includes an intelligent brushless 8FUN rear hub motor, offering a 250 Watt power rating, max power of 612 Watts, and 45 Newton metres of torque. This provides us with assistance that can take us to speeds of up to 25km/h. We can make good use of the assistance by choosing one of the 3 levels on the LED handlebar display. This also offers other functions such as switching on and off the electrical system, battery status indicator, and turning on and off the lights. There is also a 5 speed digital display, with a much fuller range of functions, including a kilometre counter, which allows us to configure the electrical system. It features a Walking Mode button for speeds of up to 6km/h without pedalling. We can even limit the max speed to 25km/h, which is very useful for more powerful motors when we are riding on public roads.

A Samsung li-ion 11.2 Ah battery supplies the motor. This is easily enough for a range of 50 to 70km, depending on the assistance level and other factors. The battery is housed mid-frame. We can add batteries of up to 21Ah with 36v and 17.5Ah with 48v.

You can also choose to mount a rear hub 8FUN 500w power rated, max power 800w with 80 Newton metres of torque motor. If you prefer the stability and more natural pedalling feeling of a mid-drive motor, there are also four versions available from the same manufacturer, all including a 9 speed digital display and grip throttle, ranging from a power rating of 250w to 1000w that can produce 80 to 160 Newton metres of torque on the highest level. A real bonus when taking on the most difficult mountain trails.

If range is more important to you, you can choose from batteries with capacity of 11.2 and 21Ah, depending on the power of the motor you select.

If for reasons beyond your control or you’d simply like to make it seem like you’re pedalling while you’re actually enjoying letting the motor do all the work, you can add a grip throttle, which is great for getting going or managing tricky situations (in any case, grip throttles are not allowed on public roads).

The 24 speed Shimano Acera system provides smooth riding and crisp shifts from one gear to the next. Shimano Acera parts stand apart for their durability and the crisp, quick, and effortless shifting they offer. In turn, the handlebar display shows which gear you are in at a glance.

For the final touch of comfort on our countryside rides or more sporty mountain biking challenges, Suntour XCM front suspension is complemented by a K-Speed shock, which can be replaced with a lockout SR Suntour Epixon to enormously increase smoothness and feeling when riding.

The Savages rides with grip and protection on Kenda 26” diameter 2.3” wide tyres which are set on durable double-walled aluminium rims with copper reinforced spokes.

This “Savage” electric bike is brought under control by Shimano M375 mechanical disc brakes on both wheels as standard, although there is the option to replace them with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, which are a better fit for more powerful motors.

High-power front and rear Spanniga LED lights add versatility to this electric mountain bike as we travel on city or more conventional roads. What’s more, racks are available to carry our shopping or belongings: rear seatstay which can carry up to 10kgs, and, also on the seatstay, another variant which can take up to 25kgs which features a built in light for enhanced road safety.

With similar features, but as a hardtail, we have the multipurpose Freedom, with a hydroformed frame and Alivio gear system. Both can be kitted out with a mid-drive motor (Freedom and Savage).The Matrix E+, SubZero, and Stamina feature an integrated mid-drive motor.



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